15 thoughts on “#13. Look/see: A Little Book with a Big Punch

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    • Thank you so much, Julie…!! I am HONORED. And about to follow your blog. And get your book. I’m in the process of expanding and discovering, and choosing to do this blog is a big step for me. Thanks for your kind and joyous support!! See you around the ‘net as we journey onward……xox


    • You’re so welcome and thank YOU karen!! I love seeing your gorgeous images. Congrats on your show.. also did you enter the landscape show I told you about? I decided not to at the last minute; did not feel like I had anything right for the show, and also it conflicts with my big show coming up in April… I’ll need everything I have for that show.


  2. Ooh Karen, thank you so much for ‘sharing’ this with us!
    “Don’t worry about unity from piece to piece”. – right now I am so glad I read that! Think I need to get this book NOW! Thank you!


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