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Bio: Mixed-media visual artist utilizing many different materials, subjects, concepts and processes. Also, just for the record, I was a professional musician in a past life. I live in Providence, RI, and have a studio in an old mill in Pawtucket, RI

My website shows recent landscape and abstract work, as well as mixed media sculpture and drawing/painting from the past decade, along with examples of early work…   To see and find out about events, shows and so on, please visit my art page on Facebook at Karen Rand Anderson’s Art. You can see my resumé/CV by clicking here.

My 2010  MFA thesis exhibition at Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, Johnson State College, VT  was called “It’s Not What You Thought”. To get a sense of the work, you can check out this review from the online magazine Vermont ArtZine.

I’m aiming for this blog to open all sorts of windows and doors not only for me and my work, but for you too, if you’d like to engage… so please leave a comment, and sign up to receive future posts, which will show up from time to time.

b&w me


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