Land, Sea, Sky at ArtProv

I’m excited to be included in “Land, Sea, Sky” alongside other accomplished and inspiring artists. And with this post I’m excited to be reactivating my blog, which will be revamped and renovated soon! Please stay tuned….

Gallery Night Providence

Land, Sea, Sky

September 20 – November 4, 2017

At ArtProv

Opening Reception, Thursday, September 21, 5:00-9:00 pm

during Gallery Night Providence

Vast horizons, expansive views and endless waterways will be explored in the new group show “Land, Sea, Sky,“ at ArtProv Gallery, a contemporary gallery located in the Jewelry District at 150 Chestnut Street.

The works in “Land, Sea, Sky” depict both the majesty of the natural world and its solitude through the use of shape, texture, color and light. The show features landscapes by:

  • Karen Rand Anderson, whose recent work reflects an abstracted, energetic investigation of place
  • Jeanne Tangney, an artist who creates almost all of her work with pastels for their unlimited variety of color and effects
  • Michelle Courier, who applies her mastery of color in her vibrant, contemporary impressionistic landscape paintings
  • Nick Paciorek, a contemporary artist who explores the landscape through hyped-up color in oils
  • Jana…

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#35: Meet Celebrity Guide Michele Leavitt

#35: Meet Celebrity Guide Michele Leavitt

Gallery Night Providence is this Thursday… My friend and fellow artist Michele Leavitt will be one of the tour guides this month. If you are in the area, check out Gallery Night– so much art to see!!!

Gallery Night Providence

Michele Leavitt, Gallery Night ProvidenceWe at Gallery Night Providence are very pleased to have Michele Leavitt hosting one of our tours on May 21, 2015.

Multi Media artist, Michele Leavitt resides and works in Saunderstown, RI.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, artist, Michele Leavitt grew up in New York.  Influenced by her roots in the needle arts and printing, she became fascinated with NY art scene.  There works of Louise Nevelson, Marisol, and Jasper Johns made deep impressions. Leavitt studied art and design at Rochester Institute of Technology and later earned her MFA painting degree at Cornell University.

Mending, patching, and piecing; evidence of passing time and moving hands; artful creations from materials available, extending the life of these, inspire my work.  My roots are in generations of quilters and printers, my education in the fine arts.  My fabric and collage works evolve quite naturally from these influence.s

“Problem solving is at the core of…

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#23. The Equinox: seeking balance, and small paintings


I am SO ready for WARMTH—and creative fertility. The vernal equinox is a pivotal point for me; the end of a killer New England winter, and the tentative beginning of a whole new year. I see the spring equinox as the true New Year’s Day, as it really is a time of rebirth, renewnal, and balance— the sun is directly over the equator, and daylight hours are equal to nighttime hours. (Equinox= equal night, Latin.) On the exact day of the equinox, one can try to balance an egg on its end. Seriously. Lots more is associated with the vernal equinox, especially creativityeggs, bunnies and fertility and sex and so on; I love this stuff. It’s also a great time to begin spring cleaning, like maybe in the studio. Ha…

this is actually a very clean desk, with a 12×12″ panel ready to be attacked

I actually did a mini clean-up in my studio today, because I couldn’t even see my desk, and had a yen to actually use it to sit at and paint something small. This blog is called Cleaning Up the Studio, but that is a very rare occurrence in my studio practice, as I tend to let things pile up organically until I can’t stand it anymore, and then something new happens— like the urge to start some small paintings after working like crazy on large ones for weeks.

new territory2

This is a large recent painting–“New Territory”, 53×65″. Mixed media on Fabriano paper, held on to the wall with applied magnets.

 Big work can be exciting and challenging, but tiring. Picking up small brushes and using little dabs of paint is a completely different challenge. It’s about balance. Thank the gods and goddesses for Spring- It’s about time, too !

small painting

the very beginning of today’s little painting.. .we’ll see how it turns out

studio wall

…and here is a clean studio wall, with a 48×48″ four-panel ready to be attacked, when I get tired of playing small